The Ice Has Settled

The ice has settled,
Lightly stepped across the land with barely a creak
_____of it’s stealthy, night-bourne feet.
And now it waits.
Eyes aglance
To slowly chill its prey,
Dead in their tracks.

My fingers are cold,
Encased in a crystal grip.
My bones creak in muffled screams,
Silenced by ice,
No love nor lustful inspiration
Can thaw them from their slumber.
My heart slows.
My pen rests.

Copyright © Alexander Pseudonym


On My Mind

I honestly can’t remember a time before you.
I can’t remember any thoughts.
At an eager, trembling ten years old,
When I fell from the banks of the Red River,
Plunged into murky and icy waters,
Before my Mother’s surgical hands freed me,
I could swear my last thought was your face,
Freckled, smooth and smiling.
– How could it not be?
Maybe that’s why I was struck
When I first met you years later.
Or maybe sometime since
I castrated my memory bank,
For eternal sunshine.
Without you now I tremble,

Copyright © Alexander Pseudonym

Fearful Euphoria

Warmth emanates drunkenly,
Spills and seeps through the glass;
Deep orange light
Hitting the 2AM’s torrential rain
And disapparating like smoke into the thunderous
Pollution-hued haze above.
Our bubble,
Sunken midst the city sea-bed,
Touches no-one:
Bottles clink,
To our expressive revelry,
To our deep, fearful euphoria,
And is lost…
Muted by the cloak
Of rain smacking pavements.

We drink tonight.
We drink to die.

 Copyright © Alexander Pseudonym

Scraping The Barrel

I stare into a dark, cavernous pit,
Smoothly rounded into its flat base,
But endless.
Moist brown sides
stretch downwards,
__________Down to where a small puddle quivers,
Barely skimming the oaken surface,
As if the barrel itself were a sunken hulk
Breasting itself above an ocean’s surface.
My fingers claw through,
Scratching the planks,
Disturbing the perfect, sleepy peace inside,
Seismically rippling the shallows
– Loosening alcoholic particles
Into waves of spirits,
Weaving a toxic headache into my nostrils.
With desperation I scratch –
Fingers icy,
Blood-splintered rakes
_____– And no-words come out

 Copyright © Alexander Pseudonym